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Private Fee Guide

Please take your time to view the fees of our commonest treatments  

The fees we charge are all inclusive with no hidden extras.  What you see is what you will pay

General Dentistry

New patient examination   £48.50

This is a 30 minute consultation and includes all x-rays and written treatment plan if needed

Regular Patient examination £26.50

Includes any x -rays

Hygienist appointment  £43.50

30 minute appointment

Fillings £75-£90

These will be tooth coloured wherever reasonably possible

Root Canal Treatment

Incisor/Premolar      £215

Molar tooth               £285

**This includes all single use files , x-rays and restoration**


Porcelain bonded to gold crown   £330

This is a tooth coloured  crown with a precious metal  substructure for strength. The majority of the crowns we provide are of this type

All ceramic ceracon crowns   £380

A tooth coloured metal free crown . Porcelain is bonded to a Zirconia substructure . This gives the strength of a metal core, whilst allowing maximum translucency for the ultimate in aesthetics.


Porcelain Veneer £330

All ceramic restorations bonded to the tooth surface

Tooth whitening     £300

Extractions           £75-£90

Dentures          £300-£600

Dentures can be made from a wide variety of materials and replace varying numbers of teeth hence the large price range. The lower price is for an acrylic denture replacing  1-3 teeth, whereas the upper price if for a metal based skeleton denture replacing t 9+ teeth.

Private Fees Dental Plan